Breaking the cycle

How do you break the cycle?

I feel like I get trapped in these cyclical situations that I don’t even realize are repetitive until lap three.

Big one for me:

Stressed due to poor time management, stress eat, feel food-guilt, work out obsessively for a few days, get behind on items, soooooooo now I’m stressed due to poor time management. Hmm, this feels familiar…where is the Ben and Jerry’s?!

Or parents out there, how about:

Guilt because I was too hard on the kids so I let some things go, the 5 year old hits the 2 year old, you correct her, she does it again, you ask her why she didn’t listen the first time, she says “maybe if you spoke to me with a more assertive tone, I would have”, although impressed with her vocabulary- you give her what she asked for, then you feel guilty for being too hard…(solo on this one?)

Tomorrow- I’m breaking the cycles, every last one of them, and taking back control- I’ll just hide the cookie dough in the back of the freezer for good measure.

Happy Running!


The best is yet to come…

Summary of my last few months:

I broke my ankle and couldn’t run NY, my brother almost died, my husband had to travel like mad for work and then left his job and is starting a new career, I can’t seem to be able to cut my hours down below 48 at work and it’s affecting my family and relationships, I def don’t take care of myself (AT ALL) so stress levels are at an all time high, I stress eat so I gained 30lbs and now I can’t move and my body aches all the time.

It’s definitely time to give this downward spiral a little momentum for the uphill!

Silver linings: My brother survived and got a liver transplant, my husband’s new job makes him excited, I got a promotion and the approval to hire some help and I’m going to stop whining now. My kids are amazing, my relationship with my husband is rebuilding and getting stronger, and I’m working toward my goals.

The NYC marathon was deferred to this year and I have a training plan to get me across the finish line starting Saturday. I will also be getting back into yoga for the stress management.

It’s time to take back control of the wheel. Words of motivation are much appreciated!

Happy Running!