She was a fast machine…

Fastest two miles I have run yet may be attributed to:

1. I got into an argument about 5 sec before I took off out the door.

2. It was getting dark and I’m a scaredy-cat 

3. I’m getting nervous about how little time I have left to train and how much I need to accomplish these next 5 months.

4. I was hangry (hungry + angry)

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Happy Running!!


The light at the end of my tunnel

I do best when working toward a light at the end of a tunnel. 

NYC marathon is my light at the end of my training tunnel.

Spending time with my kids is the light at the end of my days tunnel

The three day weekend was the light at the end of a horrible, germ infested week tunnel of everyone being sick!

The past 8 yrs of my life, I had an easily identifiable light. This year feels empty. No impending move, new job, marriage, birth of a child, etc. The emptiness makes me antsy. I wish I knew how to be truly present in the moment and not constantly focused on a light. 

Time to set some goals to have lights to focus on. I’m thinking they will be training/fitness goals! I’ll keep you posted once I figure them out.

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Happy Running! 

Blame the Armadillo and the Coffee ☕️

Lessons of the weekend:

1. Wear contacts or glasses- so you don’t see what is believed to be an armadillo that is actually a plastic grocery bag.

2. If you see an armadillo, proceed in a calm manner in case it is actually a plastic grocery bag. You don’t want to cause unnecessary panic to runners passing the other direction.

3. Dance competitions and puppies are energy suckers. Premedicate with multiple large coffees. Choose iced coffees because by the time you get around to actually drinking them, they end up cold anyway.

4. Luke warm or iced coffee is not enough nourishment before a run. Eat! 

A very hilly 5K was completed at a snails pace- I blame the armadillo and the coffee.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Happy Running!